Bulk Bags

JumboSack Corporation offers a wide range of bulk bags, meticulously designed to meet various industries’ unique needs, from agriculture to construction.

Bulk Bags

Standard bulk bags for hassle-free and quick storage solutions.

Bulk Bag Liners

Moisture-resistant bulk bag liners prevent damage to valuable goods.

Custom Bulk Bags

Versatile options: Craft custom bulk bags for diverse industries’ demands.

In-Stock Quick Ship Bags

Bulk bags ready for immediate shipments available.

Feed Bulk Bags

Maximize Livestock Health and Farm Efficiency with Quality Feed Bags.

Food Grade Bulk Bags

Ensure food safety with our trusted Food Grade Bulk Bags.

Mesh Onion Bags

Durable, breathable mesh bags ideal for storing and transporting onions.

Mesh Potato Bags

Ventilated mesh bags designed for safe potato storage and transport.

Seed Bulk Bags

Boost Yields and Efficiency with Premium Secure Seed Bulk Bags.

Firewood Storage Bags

Sturdy, spacious bags for efficient firewood storage and transportation.

Static Proactive Bags

Static-resistant CHROMIQ bags: Ideal for sensitive and flammable materials.

UN Certified Bulk Bags

Meet regulations with our UN Certified Bulk Bags for dangerous goods.

Ventilated Bulk Bags

Choose our Ventilated Bulk Bags for optimal airflow and protection.

Type A Bulk Bag

Large sack for transporting and storing bulk materials.

Type B Bulk Bag

Grounded, non-conductive sack for flammable materials.

Type C Bulk Bag

Conductive, static-safe container for flammable materials

Type D Bulk Bag

Static dissipative; low energy discharge; for flammable materials.

Industry Solutions

Our extensive catalog ensures you find the perfect bulk bag, tailored to your industry specific needs


Optimized bulk bags for the thriving agriculture sector’s storage needs.


Efficient bulk bags tackle construction industry’s storage and transportation challenges


Safely transport and store chemicals with specialized bulk bag options.


Tailored bulk bags streamline material handling for diverse manufacturing processes.

Food Packaging

Bulk bags designed to meet strict food safety regulations and standards.


Secure bulk bags ensure safe and reliable mineral containment solutions.


Reliable bulk bags ensure smooth pharmaceutical operations and compliance adherence.


Customized bulk bags support organized sorting and recycling operations seamlessly.


Helpful information for customers looking for additional information about Bulk Bags

FIBC Buying Guide

Find the perfect FIBC for your needs with expert guidance.

Maximize Savings with FIBCs

discover the unparallel economic advantages of using Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers


Informative insights on bulk bag solutions and industry trends.

Unpacking Profits: The Economic Advantages of FIBCs

In the world of bulk storage and transportation, Jumbosack stands at the forefront, championing the benefits of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs). So, why have businesses been turning to Jumbosack for their FIBC needs? Let’s dive in.

The Economic Mastery of Jumbosack’s FIBCs

  1. Affordability with Quality: At Jumbosack, we pride ourselves on offering cost-effective FIBCs without compromising on quality. Produced from top-grade woven polypropylene materials, our FIBCs promise savings and reliability.
  2. Sustainability through Reusability: Our FIBCs are designed for longevity, allowing multiple usage cycles. This not only cuts down on environmental waste but ensures you get the most bang for your buck.
  3. Maximized Storage Solutions: With flexibility at their core, Jumbosack FIBCs optimize space, slashing storage costs.

Elevate Your Logistics with Jumbosack

  • Trimmed Transportation Expenses: Jumbosack’s FIBCs are lightweight yet sturdy, reducing cargo weight and thus, shipping costs.
  • Safety First: We ensure that our FIBCs meet rigorous safety standards. Secure storage means fewer mishaps and contaminations.
  • Simplified Handling: With various lifting options tailored to your needs, maneuvering goods has never felt so effortless.

Jumbosack FIBCs: The Eco-Friendly Choice

At Jumbosack, we recognize the intertwined relationship between economic benefits and environmental stewardship.

  • Waste Minimization: The durability of our FIBCs promotes reuse, contributing significantly to waste reduction.
  • Energy Conservation: Jumbosack FIBCs shine in their energy-efficient production, transport, and recyclability.

Witness Jumbosack FIBCs in Action

Our FIBCs serve diverse sectors with unmatched efficiency:

  1. Agriculture: Perfect for hauling grains, seeds, and fertilizers.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Safely transport bulk drug compounds.
  3. Construction: Ideal for shifting sands, cements, and various building materials.

Maximizing the Jumbosack Advantage

To fully capitalize on our FIBC offerings:

  • Opt for Quality: Always choose Jumbosack’s high-standard FIBCs, built for resilience.
  • Stay Informed: We continually innovate, and keeping abreast of our latest offerings ensures you always get the best.

Jumbosack’s Vision for Tomorrow

We believe FIBCs are not just the present but also the future. Our commitment to quality, combined with the intrinsic benefits of FIBCs, positions Jumbosack as a leader in bulk storage solutions.

Jumbosack’s Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) go beyond being mere storage solutions. They are a statement of quality, sustainability, and economic wisdom. By partnering with Jumbosack, businesses are not just purchasing bags; they’re investing in a promise of excellence.